La Maison

MAISON YEYA is a French-Egyptian global luxury fashion house. Established in 2006 in the heart of Cairo, the brand now caters to an extensive array of regional and international clienteles. Today, it operates from the center of the UAE, with headquarters located within the lavish area of Dubai Design District.

Through its ever delicate and feminine, yet functional and powerful creations, MAISON YEYA transports the woman into a unique, long awaited fairytale of her own. With a mission of unceasingly empowering a woman’s dreams and aspirations, the brand strives to embrace the femininity, sophistication, and elegance of the modern, independent and classic woman.

At MAISON YEYA, quality, integrity, authenticity and sustainability are at the core of every creation. From design to creation, we aim to integrate passion, compassion and dedication.

Product Lines

Couture  –  Bridal Couture  –  Couture Privée  –  Ready-to-Wear  –  Accessories