Climate change and natural disasters are a reality that everyone has lived through in 2022. The situation is pressing and beyond being a trendy topic.

Couture, in its essence, is the most sustainable in the whole apparel making industry with the least carbon footprint.

At Maison Yeya, we are determined to carve out a way in using creativity as a tool to both alleviate the environmental crisis and find creative solutions to reduce the burden on our ecosystem.

Creating couture made from materials that could be otherwise end up in the landfill and turning them into beautiful pieces of wearable art, is our attempt to inspire people to find beauty in what otherwise would’ve been waste.


Material used for these designs are made mainly from potato chip bags and other plastic packaging, which are part of the highest pollutants on our planet.

Partnering with Reform Studio, a company that uses these otherwise plastic pollutants and turning them into beautiful handwoven sheets, gave us the opportunity to further extend their use by creating couture designs.

Beyond the literal sense of the designs, the collection also highlights a philosophical statement about creating beauty from is otherwise considered ugly and negative, such as waste, while aiming to motivate today’s generation into taking on the challenge and combining every effort to tackle this worldly crisis together.