The Bridal Private Couture Club of Maison Yeya

When every detail in your wedding gown tells a story about you!

In MAISON YEYA, a wedding gown is not just a gown, it has to represent who you really are and make a statement for your years to come.  While our creative director presents a Bridal couture collection every year announcing the latest in Bridal Fashion, that we bespoke to your measurements, Couture priveé is the term we use when the garment is a unique creation made only for you!

The Bridal Couture Priveé Process


The first step of the couture process is to meet with our atelier manager who will understand your initial requirement and will give you an initial consultation prior to your meeting with our Creative Director Yasmine Yeya.

Make a consultation appointment in our Dubai atelier

Make an Online appointment

The Appointment

Our Creative director Yasmine Yeya will personally sit and talk with you about yourself, the details of your occasion, and how would you like to look that day and what suits you best.  She will guide you through to select the style, color and material that will realize your vision as well as hers and design the perfect wedding gown for your looks and character

The Sketch

Led by Yasmine Yeya, the design team, will draw some sketches for you to choose from, and the journey of your wedding dress making starts here

The Making

From sketch to creation, MAISON YEYA artisans in the Dubai Atelier, will hand craft your dress with the most intricate couture techniques. A full embroidered dress will take months of execution, while a beautifully draped satin dress will be wrapped on your figure by the own hands of our Designer Yasmine Yeya.


Multiple fittings will be scheduled whether at our Dubai atelier or at the comfort of your own home to fine tune the smallest details as per the slightest curve of your body.

Dressing Service

Our dressing service on your wedding day will deliver to you the true luxury experience and  complement the journey of perfection